Not sure what’s up with WordPress but I’m having issues adding pics when i use my phone or tablet.  Anyway, today is a good day. Had coffee with my sister Mimi. We did what we always do, plan to take over the world! (Insert evil laugh) Actually Mimi is a […]

Technical difficulties

I’m doing a demo at KC Planet ComiCon this year on May 20th at 4pm.  So now I’m just prepping for the demo. Got my helpers (you know who you are) and they are psyched… I think. Anyway, I’m excited. I love talking so about makeup, whether it be beauty […]

So, it’s really been on my mind and my heart that I really need to finish the book I’ve been talking about for years (argh!) and I really enjoy talking and teaching makeup theory for beauty and special effects. I enjoy sharing knowledge and watching others learn.   The Book […]

What’s New With Me?

Roland Blancaflor, of, just posted on Facebook that they were featured in a recent issue of Prosthetics Magazine. How cool is that? creates high-end prosthetics for use in film and television. Find out more on their Facebook page The RBFX Prosthetics Collection Catalog I’m super psyched to find […]

New Prosthetics Magazine!

Women can be supportive of Movember too